Diving Center Posidonia Blu | Price list
Il Diving Center Posidonia Blu è situato nel porticciolo di Punta Lunga a Favignana e opera nell’area marina protetta delle isole Egadi, situate nel versante occidentale della Sicilia. A pochi minuti di cammino dal paese, abbiamo realizzato una piccola oasi di divertimento e professionalità per rendere l’attività subacquea accessibile a tutti. La posizione strategica del centro rende molto semplice la gestione delle immersioni.
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Please find below our prices for diving and equipment hire


Single Dive € 40,00
2 dives bundle € 37,50 per dive
4 dives bundle € 36,00 per dive
6 dives bundle € 34,00 per dive
10 dives bundle € 32,00 per dive
Night dive € 50,00
Tec Dive: run time 60’/DEEP Dive: additional fee € 20,00
Wrecks: tanker Pavlos V and Elphis motorboat – two dives
€ 90,00
Wrecks: plane Vickers Wellington MK II and Elphis motorboat – two dives € 90,00
Marettimo: two local dives € 90,00
Archaeo dive: Levanzo and reef dive – two dives € 90,00
Boat passenger (non-diver) € 10,00
Boat passenger for trips (non-diver) € 20,00




Skin Diver € 60,00
€ 60,00
Discover Scuba Diving € 60,00
Scuba Diver € 240,00
Scuba Diver > OWD (learning materials not included) € 200,00
Open Water Diver  € 350,00
Open Water Diver e-learning* practice  € 200,00
Adventure Diver € 230,00
Adventure Diver > Advanced Open Water Diver (learning materials not included) € 180,00
Advanced Open Water Diver € 290,00
Advanced Open Water Diver e-learning* practice  € 150,00
Specialty Diver – Deep Diver € 240,00
EFR Emergency First Response € 180,00
Rescue Diver € 400,00
Divemaster € 600,00
Scuba Review € 50,00
Enriched Air Diver (no dive) € 150,00
TEC 40 € 400,00
TEC 45 € 400,00
TEC 50 € 400,00
TEC 45 + TEC 50 € 700,00
TEC 40 + TEC 45 + TEC 50 € 1000,00

EQUIPMENT (daily rate)

Full kit € 15,00
Wetsuit / BCD / regulator € 10,00
Fins / boots / mask / hood € 3,00
Weights € 4,00
Torch € 5,00
Computer € 8,00
Tank/Double Tank € 10,00
Dedicated EAN Tank € 5,00
Dedicated EAN regulator € 5,00
Air refill € 10,00
Oxygen 5.0 refill € 10,00mc
EAN refill fixed cost € 5,00
Snorkelling kit (fins, mask and snorkel) € 6,00



  • To take part at diving activities you must show a valid patent, or previously attend a specific course.
  • The dive includes scuba tank, weights, transportation and water guide.
  • The packages are per individual diver, supplements are not included. For diving packages, shares are to be paid on booking.
  • Diving off Favignana require a minimum of five divers.
  • The cancellation of a reservation must be made minimum 12 hours before. In case of renounce of one or more planned dives, reductions will not be granted.
  • Full equipment rental includes wetsuit, BCD, Octopus, Boots, fins and mask. The rent is allowed to the only participants at the activities of the Diving Center, and is daily.
  • In the course price are included: the equipment, didactic materials *, theoretical and practical training, final exams, patent. (* not included for tec and divemaster course)
    In the course price are not included: the cost for oxygen
  • The equipment can be stored free of charge at the Diving Center without responsibility attributable to Posidonia Blue in case of theft or damage of any kind.
    Free transport of the equipment to and from the accommodation on arrival and departure.
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