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Il Diving Center Posidonia Blu è situato nel porticciolo di Punta Lunga a Favignana e opera nell’area marina protetta delle isole Egadi, situate nel versante occidentale della Sicilia. A pochi minuti di cammino dal paese, abbiamo realizzato una piccola oasi di divertimento e professionalità per rendere l’attività subacquea accessibile a tutti. La posizione strategica del centro rende molto semplice la gestione delle immersioni.
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Posidonia Blu Diving Center is located in the Punta Lunga marina, only a few minutes’ walk from the town centre and it operates in the Isole Egadi Marine Protected Area, Western Sicily. The Diving Centre opened in 2002 when Salvo, born and bred in Favignana and an expert of its seabed, currents and winds, decided to create – with his partner Silvana, a small haven where scuba diving would be within everyone’s reach.
Helpfulness and professionalism are our staff’s main cornerstones, as they are always ready to assist you both in and out of the water. Our boats – a motorboat and a dinghy, are moored right opposite the diving centre, which makes for straightforward dive planning. Our objective is that you enjoy and discover Favignana’s submerged world while respecting the environment, the sea and your safety. Our diving centre is insured with DAN, the world’s largest association providing diving related medical assistance. DAN offers services of vital importance, such as medical assistance for diving emergencies.


Favignana is the largest of the Egadi islands.
Favignana lies at the westernmost tip of Sicily, 9 nautical miles from Trapani. Its shape is reminiscent of a butterfly: narrow at its centre, where the 310m-high mountain Santa Caterina stands, and wider on its wings, where its countless coves are beloved tourist destinations. The island’s residents are around 4000, scattered along the 9km that lie between Punta Marsala and Punta Sottile, the island’s extremities.
Favignana is an ancient island with uncountable traditions which also offers a great many coves and beaches to enjoy. Renting a scooter or a bicycle to explore it will allow you to discover the secluded spots that contribute to the beauty of this land.


Posidonia oceanica is a marine plant, not an algae. This means that it has roots, a trunk, leaves, flowers and fruits. Endemic to the Mediterranean sea, it is present from the surface all the way to where the sunlight allows it to grow, usually between 1 and 40 meters of depth.
The Posidonia oceanica meadows act as a barrier and considerably inhibit wave motion’s impact, thus protecting very effectively the shores from erosion – which at this point is a widespread phenomenon on our coasts.
Divers who are aware of Posidonia oceanica’s role look at it with different eyes, all the more so that a close inspection between its leaves, which provide shelter and food in abundance, could lead to seeing fish rarely spotted elsewhere.

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